We're MxN Fourty

Eyewear inspired by the rebellious '90s grunge era, born from the vibrant streets of New York and New Jersey. MxN Fourty stands as a brand that seamlessly fuses retro and timeless aesthetics with a dedication to building a community where individuality and self-expression shine. Our diverse collection combines past influences with modern versatility, ensuring each frame embodies affordable luxury and empowers different generations to express their unique identity.

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Meet Mimi Najlaa, CEO of MxN Fourty Frames

Hi, I'm Mimi, the CEO and Creative Designer behind MxN Fourty Frames.
My journey in fashion started as an exploration personal style and identity. As my love for fashion grew, I found myself craving accessories that resonated with my creative vision and spoke to the very essence of who I am. This need led to MxN- my creative haven to design unique frames, providing ‘that’ something extra special for everyone to craft their signature look.
To this day, I curate all my frames drawing inspiration from my roots in the vibrant NYC. Each piece breathes the eclectic streetwear scene and the spirit of the city’s culture combined the laid-back vibes of LA's surf scene. And this inspiration fuels the sense of community that I want to bring to the brand: ready to redefine fashion and celebrate the beauty of individual expression.
Now that you’re here, you’re a part of it all too. So, welcome to MxN! Let’s take the streets by storm, frame by frame.
Love, Mimi

More about us

  • Our Mission

    To empower our community to embrace their authenticity and unique style. We aim to revolutionize eyewear by offering an immersive and distinctive experience, using our frames as a platform for self-expression.

  • Our Purpose

    To break the mold by crafting timeless eyewear that truly resonates. Our purpose is to champion individuality by offering a variety of collections where anyone can find frames that truly represent their identity and cultivate their style.

  • Who we're for

    We cater both to the bold and rule breakers, and to those who are looking for timeless pieces. Our frames are for people who seek eyewear to support their journey of exploration with individuality and personal style.

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